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Awarding funds thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Postcode Sport Trust funded?

Postcode Sport Trust promotes its own society lottery and the Trust receives all of its funding from the players of People's Postcode Lottery. For more information, visit

How are you regulated?

Postcode Sport Trust is a registered Scottish charity (SC044967) and is a company limited by guarantee (SC481121). It is regulated by the Gambling Commission under licences: 000-038345-N-318824-002 and 000-038345-R-318823-002.

How do I apply for funding from Postcode Sport Trust?

Postcode Sport Trust operates its own society lottery and receives all of its funding from the players of People's Postcode Lottery. As more players join the Lottery, more funds are available to award to good causes. The Trust is currently working to improve the health of the benefiting communities. As our commitment to these causes is on a long-term basis, we only consider new beneficiaries as new funds are released. As a result, we do not accept unsolicited applications and our team directly identifies new charities we want to support.

We've been awarded a grant - what next?

If you have been lucky enough to receive funding from Postcode Sport Trust, you will be expected to provide twice-yearly progress reports and work with our communications team to publicise our relationship. For more information, contact:

What organisations has the Trust funded?

The following charities have received funding from Postcode Sport Trust: Cruff Foundation, Greenhouse Sports, Lord's Taverners, The Ramblers and Street League.

Please note, we do not accept unsolicited applications and all decisions regarding funding are made by Trustees twice a year.

Where can I find a copy of your annual report and accounts?

As we are a new charitable trust, we have not yet published our accounts or annual report. When these are completed, they will be published on this site.

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